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    Auto Filter Select

    Raja Indian Prakaash

      Whenever I launch Qlik app, some filters are selected by default on the opening screen. The data selected shows some specific filter which is actually not used anywhere during data load, nor they are personalised for any user. Please highlight the problems/issues here??Err1.png




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          Chanty 4u

          Try this.


          Clear all selection and save. and close.


          now open and see

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            Gabor Tarnoczai



            If you are using the server version of Qlik Sense, then you should following the following steps to clear these kind of filters:


            • Export the application in QMC
            • Download Qlik Sense Desktop, and the exported app have to be copied into user/documents/Qlik/Sense/app folder (or into the install destination)
            • Open the app in Qlik Sense Desktop
            • Clear selections and push the save button
            • Import the edited app on server, and overwrite the old app if is it need.


            From thread:

            Re: How to clear Qlik Sense selection



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              Hardik Patel

              Hi Parag,


              I faced the same thing today in Qlik Sense Server 3.0. I followed below steps and it worked.


              1. Open Qlik Sense Hub and Open App.

              2. As expected the filter will be automatically applied by default, clear that filter.

              3. Open Script Editor.

              4. Put exit script at the end of main script.

              5. Reload document and save it from the Document Editor.

              6. Close App

              7. Reopen App.

              8. Remove Exit Script

              9. Run Normal Reload Now

              10. Save it.


              It should have gone by then. Hope this helps !