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    if condition with Aggregation Expression

    Brijesh Maurya

      Hi All..

      I Want to create funnel chart ... so i have a Inline Table Say,


      Load * Inline


      "KPI Funnel", FunnelViewDimOrder

      "Spend", 1,

      "Sessions", 2,

      "Leads", 3,



      And in funnel chart .. I have a Dimension [KPI Funnel]

      And Expression :

      if([KPI Funnel]='Leads', Count(distinct LeadID),

      if([KPI Funnel]='Spend',Sum(Spends),if([KPI Funnel]='Sessions',Sum(Aggr(Visits,VisitFull))   )))...


      Leads and Spend giving  a Output but Session is Showing 0 ... for Session exp : Sum(Aggr(Visits,VisitFull)) is

      Correct because i am getting a proper value without if condition in other chart .. i tried Writing like this as well

      :Sum(if([KPI Funnel]='Sessions',(Aggr(Visits,VisitFull)))) ... its giving value but not correct value kindly help me for the same...