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    Set analysis - excluded issue

      Hi all,


      I'm fairly new to set analysis.

      I am trying to calculate all references where it took less than 30 days, ignoring the selection in the filter.


      I have created an expression using set analysis but it doesn't return the correct values. ie.

      COUNT({$<Reviewer=>} if([Days Taken] < 30,1,0)), instead it returns all of the References for a Reviewer.

      For AF it should be a total of 21 references which took less than 30 days - < 30 days taken.

      25 is the total, which it is returning instead.


      Furthermore, I want the to ignore the Reviewer selected in the filter, so that is shows all Reviewers.


      I've attached a sample .qvf to see how I'm calculating this.


      Many thanks!

      Any tips would be appreciated.