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    Distribute Qlikviewplugin through GPO.



      Because of the need of install/update the Qlikview-plugin om 30+ workstations and laptops every time our QV-server gets updated (on the 3rd of September, It'll be upgraded to 9.0 R5, ), I'm curious about the possibility to use GPO for this. I haven't done this earlier, so it's a little bit new for me (the update of the plugin was done earlier by hand, but I'm a little bit tired of doing this).

      2 Questions right now:
      Does Qlikview have a ready-to-use msi-installationpackage for the plugin? I only got a 'by hand' installer (.exe) now, what I can't use for distribution through our network.
      Is there anyone who have this idea already working? I googled a lot yesterday, but found nothing regarding this question (asked it also on Twitter, but @Qlikview did point me to this forum).

      Well, maybe there will be more questions later, but this is it for now :-)

      Thanks for reading (and maybe answering) this!