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    NPrinting Report Contain Two Diff QV App

    Ahmad Kastero



      i am just applying an new report in NPrinting and each one from different data sources and different QVW and the only field match between them is the Branch_ID & PG_ID; when i take the summery report all data came correct but when i generate it to details it gave me the summery for the part 2 (PG_ID):


      part 1(QVW1):


      Total Sales :XXXX                    Total Orders: XXXX

      AVG Sales: XXXX                    AVG Orders: XXX


      Promised time:XX:XX:XX



      Part 2(QVW2):




      1. xxxxx          8

      2.yyyyy          5


      No Orders

      1.QQQ          3


      how can i link both of them in the same reports like if i have 10 branches i will build one report and will apply the condition to match both branch_Id & PG_ID ; but i try to do it but not work....

      any advice !