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    Long objectID when duplicating objects

    Mark Wallington



      I'm currently working in Qliksense desktop and building a mashup.


      When I duplicate either a single object or a full sheet of objects, the objectIDs assigned in to the new objects are a really long string, e.g. 913ef48b-715a-4801-a6ec-a04ac46d9d4d.


      This is instead of a 3-7 character string that I normally get when I create an object, e.g. qGWSrQz.


      Is this an issue? Or is it likely to cause any issues down the line (e.g. when deploying to a server environment), if I use the long string objectIDs for the integration.


      It is going to take a much longer amount of time to recreate objects, versus duplicating and updating one or two measures each time!