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    Market share & growth over time

      Hello Qlik community,


      I started Qlik few weeks ago after some experience on a competitor solution in 2009. Transition is not that easy .


      After running through the forum I already found several answer to some basic questions but I failing to create charts and pivot tables containing Year or month to visualize market share or growth. I manage to do it for a specific period of time in KPI (but not working if I change the time filter, however it is not an issue so far).


      For the market share, I tried to use "sum([Sales]) / sum(TOTAL [Sales])" but it is giving me the % of a specific point versus the total of all points appearing on the chart. Regarding the growth, all the formula I tested are giving me error or 0% or 100% or -100% ==> TOTAL failure.


      Basically, I'm trying to have similar chart as below.

      MS example.png

      Growth example.png

      I also attached a sample of my database for reference


      Thanks in advance for the guidance