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    issue with admin rights in QMC

    kevin crafton

      I need some help with admin rights in QMC.   We are running in a Publisher environment version 11.2 and I have been acting as primary admin with no issues.   The issue comes in when I am trying to set up a colleague to be my backup.   What I am trying to do is have her be able to start tasks (reloads) in QMC if I am unavailable and although I have added her to the Qlikview Administrators Active Directory group she does not see all 4 main tabs in QMC and under the Status tab she sees the "Tasks" selections but none of the tasks nor the "Services" and "QVS Statistic" selections that I see.   It is like she has access to QMC but not as admin.   What am I missing on her setup?   I have scoured QMC and I don't see any place users can be set up as admin and the only posts I have found in the community suggest that being in the Qlikview Administrators group should give admin access.   Thanks in advance for your help...