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    How to change the QlikView user for running Windows services or QV Task?

      Hello everyone,


      Im from Germany, so sorry for my english.


      In a new QlikView installation, QlikView ask about a user (domain + user) who runs the windows services.


      For example: DOM1\System.QlikView

      He is also in the local admin group and also in the QV-Admin group.  All fine.

      Info: we also running QlikView Publisher.



      Now we need to Access to a Web Site (XML) that use SSO (Single Sign On).

      This site determines the system user, who running the services. (DOM1\System.QlikView)


      We cant access that site over the DOM1 user. So we need to change the user and the domain to access the xml content.

      The new domain, DOM2\System.QlikView have access to that site. The old domain can not be justified.




      How we can change the connection user in the .qvw file. Its a normal Web-File Load for XML, there are no parameters for change the User, as far as I know. So maybe it could change in the QlikView task on the mangement console?


      If not, we need to change the User for the QlikView Windows services. Is this possible without reinstalling QlikView?

      What to do here? Stop, then change user of services, and running service, is that enough? Whats about rebooting server. Changes saved?


      I know that I will have to adapt all previous authorizations to the new user if we change the service user.

      Hope someone can help me to fixed that request.