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    Defining multiple triggers to a reload task


      What happens if I define multiple triggers for a reload task? I have a QVW that needs to be reloaded and distributed after the successful copletion of two different QVDs.

      I realize I can set a chain of tasks that will begin with the reload of one QVD and its successful completion would trigger the reload of the second QVD and the final task will be the reload and distribute of the QVW which will be triggered when the second QVD successfully completes. However, the two QVDs are not related and each takes about 20 minutes to reload. I was hoping to save some time by reloading the QVDs in parallel and trigger the task on the QVW after the successful completion of both the reload tasks of the QVDs.

      I notice I can define multiple triggers for a task. But I am not sure how these multiple triggers would work. From my example above, does the reload of the QVW get triggered after the successful reload of QVD1 AND reload of QVD2 or does it get triggered after the successful reload of QVD1 OR QVD2?

      If there is any alternative to multiple triggers to help achieve what I am looking for, those suggestions would also be most welcome.

      I am using QVS 9 SR5.