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    Pivot Table questions

    Josh Chang



      This is the preliminary prvot table created in QlikView.

      I would like to add a little features and don't know how.



      1. Now the table shows all modelName. I would like to show only selected values such as

      {modelName = 'CZH*'} or modelName-'SO*'}. I don't what to do this on loading the data.

      Would it be possible to define a list in a variable, and then in pivot table > dimension to filter the modelName based on the defined variable?


      2. Background color. I would like to group columns with the same QQ-YYYY by giving the same background color, and also the cell color will be change based the threshold. I used pivot table > properties > Expressions > one of expression > background color to give same color for those expression with the same QQ-YYYY. And then I used pivot table > properties > Visual Cues to program color for different thresholds. However, it seems the Visual Cues color can't be able to override the background color. What's the right way to do this?


      3. How to change the font and size for the column header?




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          Stefan Wühl

          IMHO, I think it's better to keep a thread to one topic, because it makes it hard to follow a discussion when there is a mix of questions.


          Ad 1.

          You can basically filter a table's dimension values (except using list boxes to make selections) using two approaches:

          a) calculcated dimensions

          b) using set expressions in all aggregation functions in your expressions


          You can see some more details in a recent post:

          How to select dimensions


          Instead of a literal, you can use variables to compare the dimension values against.