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    IIS configuration for Qlik Sense ?

    Frédéric Villemin



      I have a really silly question here.. I've been using Qlikview Server for years and now I want to try Qlik Sense.


      I have downloaded the Server version and I have installed it on a Windows 2008 SR2 Server.


      Everything run fine, all services are running with a specifc account (except Repository Database)


      But when I try to access the QMC, it doesn't work and I have a 404 Error from my IIS 7.5 installed on this server.


      If I look at the IIS configuration, it is the default web site without any Qlik files.


      Do I have to manually install something here ? QMC as well as Hub data ?  why haven't the install files installed them ?

      Is IIS 7.5 too old ?