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    QVServer stopping

    BANCHET Jérémy

      Hello all,

      We have a recurrent problem on our QV Server ; sometimes this service is stopped during the night (not everyday but always at the same hour).

      We need to restart manually the service QV Server.


      Here the log about it :


      8/19/2010 23:38:56.8145320 Information Stopping QlikView Management Service
      8/19/2010 23:38:56.8457332 Error HandleRequest failed: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
      8/19/2010 23:38:57.2045470 Information Echoing system information: Qlikview Management Service, Version=9.0.7320.7, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null
      8/19/2010 23:38:57.2045470 Information EntryAssembly=Qlikview Management Service, Version=9.0.7320.7, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null


      Have you ever seen this kind of error ?


      Thank you for your help,



        • QVServer stopping
          s j

          Can you Give me information whether QVS services are set to manual or automatic ?.


            • QVServer stopping
              BANCHET Jérémy

              The QVS service is restarted automatically everyday at 11:30 PM with a .bat file and the Windows Scheduler.

              Most of days, everything is normal.

              But sometimes our Qlikview server is down since 11:39PM (always this hour) , and we need to restart this service manually (Windows => Services).

              Thank you for your help :)

            • QVServer stopping

              What do you have set for Recovery options under the QlikView Server service settings? Each of the failure options should be set to "Restart the Service". You may also want to reach out to QlikView support to get some insight into why the service is stopping.