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    2 header rows , cross table and mapping

    Adnan Rafiq

      Hi All,

      I am having problem loading data out of an qvd that is made out of an excel(top row is header of the qvd). I am attaching the excel from the qvd here. It is originally like this  11.png


      I want it like below, order does not matter. I tried the discussion How to load a crosstable with two header rows/2 attribute fields. but in their case first row has product and 2nd row has dates which repeat for a product to product for 1st row.

      In my case the Departments DP1 or DP2 might appear based on their business month. Hence Jul month has 3 department whilst Aug only has 2 departments.

      The problem is that first row has the date merged out of number of departments columns, the second row has the department merged out of 2 columns.


      Please help..