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    Sharepoint - Error in Chart WebPart

    Christian Sellei


      I testing WebParts for SharePoint in a customer. So far, I have DataSource working, but I have an erro within Chart WebPart. The error is placed were I suppouse to specify the Object ID (see the image attached)

      Any ideas?

      (I'm a SharePoint newbe)

      Thanks in advance.

        • Sharepoint - Error in Chart WebPart
          Bjorn Wedbratt

          Did you change any of the settings in the Datasource? There's an option to switch from ZFC client to QlixClient. This shouldn't be changed, i.e. it should stay at ZFC client.

            • Sharepoint - Error in Chart WebPart
              Christian Sellei

              Indeed, the problem cames from DataSource configuration. I was trying to use a document within a mounted folder (app), but I got "File not Found" Error. So, I tried 'app' and got no error, so I thought everything was fine. Then I realized that the right way was MountedFolderName/app.

              It's seems like chart WebPart can't fill the combo box for application objects because did't have connection to the application, but WebPart don't shows an "elegant" message. That's wy I was confused