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    User identification in accesspoint



      Can any one explain how the QV Server identifies the user while accessing the report in Accesspoint?i.e where the user details are stored ?



        • User identification in accesspoint

          Hi there,

          there's three ways I know of:
          1) You manage the access in the documents itself (see the help file under 'section access')
          --> becomes cumbersome if you have a large number of users and if a user wants/needs to change his password
          you need to do this change in all files

          2) You manage the access on the QV server by using DMS, where you create users and passwords yourself
          This works ok, but still the user management requires time (see 'custom users')

          3) You use an active directory (let Windows do the user verification, called NTFS authorization in the management console)
          In my opinion the preferred solution as it doesn't require any additional user management. Access is granted on file system level on the server

          This post is a good read: http://community.qlik.com/forums/t/24005.aspx

          Cheers, Lukas