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    Problems with named user access (NTFS in QlikView 9 SR2)

    Klaus Feldam

      We have just installed QlikView 9 SR2 (9.0.7320.7 in 64-bit Windows environment). We are coming from a QlikView 8.20 Windows environment.



      We have 160+ QlikView files in approx. 50 different folders and have always been using NTFS to control access to individual users. Most users are local on the server and NOT domain users. This has not been a problem until QlikView 9 SR2.



      After creating the local user, we give the user Read & Execute access to the folder. See below for CACLS on the folder
      D:\Client View\XYZ\XYZ.qvw NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM:(ID)F
      QTS-SMARTREPTS\SmartTest:(ID)R <--- This is the test user for this example


      When the user then opens the Access Point through IE7, IE8 or Mozilla Firefox, he/she first logs in using his/her local account.
      After this, the correct QlikView files are displayed.



      error loading image



      So far so good...


      But, when the user clicks on the any of the reports he/she has access to, a second log-in prompt appears and the test user is unable to login.


      error loading image




      The server log reports the following (first that the document is loaded, and next that the user has no access):

      2010-08-12 21:47:53 2010-08-23 10:00:50 2 110 Warning The document D:\Client View\NAMB\QlikView Inventory_Purchasing_NAMB.qvw failed to load because of no access [15].


      2010-08-12 21:47:53 2010-08-23 10:04:40 4 108 Information The document D:\CLIENT VIEW\NAMB\PBD SALES NAMB.QVW was loaded.

      2010-08-12 21:47:53 2010-08-23 10:04:42 2 110 Warning The document D:\Client View\NAMB\PBD Sales NAMB.qvw failed to load because of no access [15].


      We have checked the security settings on QEMC and QMC and everything appears correctly set up.

      QEMC / Setup / QlikView Web Servers / AccessPoint: Authentication: Always

      QMC / QlikView Server Settings / Security:




      Any idea of why this relatively simple user access using NTFS may be a problem with QlikView 9 SR2?

      I would really appreciate any guidance on this.