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    After Timeout, SSO Login Page is Not Displayed

    Paul Routledge

      We have started using an SSO package to authenticate users, our webserver is IIS. User ID is provided in HTTP headers.


      When a user has a QliKView application open for over 30 minutes unattended, when they return they can often find the dashboard freezes.


      Using the Fiddler application I can see that our SSO system recognises authentication session timeout and is sending an http response containing the HTML of it's login page. It seems to me that the QVA AJAX application is not expecting that HTTP response and does not handle it well, it is only expecting an HTTP response from the QVS. The SSO login page does not get displayed.


      Sometimes pressing f5 for browser refresh will solve the issue, sometimes not.
      Users of Firefox often find a pop displaying "Network Error" in addition to the QV application freezing.
      If a user session is left on the AccessPoint menu page and they return after 30 minutes trey are always redirected succesfully to the SSO login page.


      Our SSO inactivity timeout is 30 minutes.
      For QlikView Web Server config.xml
      QvsTimeout is 1800 seconds
      SessionCookieTimeout is 30 minutes


      Does anyone else encounter this
      Does anyone have an answer / workaround?