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    alternate dimesnions and measure disapear when publishing app



      i go to my apps

      i open my app

      i open a sheet

      i go to edit mode

      i select my bar chart which have 2 dimensions and one measure

      in the data tab on the right i press add alternative under dimensions and add a dimension

      in the data tab on the right i press add alternative under measures and add a measure

      i press done on the top

      i try the chart out and indeed i can switch between the main dimensions and the alternative

      and same for the measure

      i go to the top left menu and select app overview

      when i get there i open the sheet again and check and everything is still there and works OK

      i go back to the app overview

      then from the top left drop-down menu i select open hub

      another window opens in the browser with the hub and i see my app in the "my personal cloud"

      i right click the app and select publish

      and here everything goes wrong

      after i published my app no matter how i open it

           straight after opening the hub first time

           or closing everything and loging in again

           or asking one of those that follow me to open the app

      the alternate measures and dimensions disappear from the chart.

      if i unpublishe the app and go into the app and into the sheet again there is no trace of the alternate dimensions or measures i added

      HELP please

      iv tried it few times with same results