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    Qliksense: Timeline Extension: Values not getting displayed in ascending order and in separate lines.

      I downloaded the Timeline extension(similar to Gantt Chart) as well as QVF file from https://github.com/ralfbecher/QlikSense_Extension_Timeline (attached are the files). I have done some modification in the downloaded Timeline file and the updated file is attached with the name TimelineO.qvf. The changes which were made are:


      1. 1) Added 6 more tasks and now there are 9 tasks in total for 3 groups.
      2. 2) Removed Events, Points from the previous Timeline extension file to easily understand the data for the extension.


      I loaded the updated file and these are the issues which I am facing in Qliksense.


      The first issue which I am facing is that the tasks are not coming line by line i.e. Task 1 should come in first line and Task 4 should come in second line. The Task should be displayed in separate lines.


      Grp 1

      Task 1




      Task 4




      Task 7





      The Second issue which I am facing is that the task should be displayed in ascending order. It should be displayed as mentioned below:


      Grp 3

      Task 3




      Task 6




      Task 9






      This is really important for my project as the provided Gantt chart is not much of use for me. Please suggest.