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    Issue with Qlikview 10 and 11 as the connection sources on NPrinting

    Jay Garcia



      I'm trying to create a new NPrinting project (Nprinting v16.3.0.0 (SR3)) with source qvw on Qlikview 11. I've been using Qlikview 10 qvw files as source connections so far and this is my first QV11 NPrinting project.

      The problem I have is that NPrinting opens QV10 by default even when I have setup Windows to open by default QV11 for qvw files.


      As you might know, in order to have QV11 and QV10 in the same PC there's a way around: Re: can we have both Qlikview Desktop version 10 and 11 (from Release Notes of v11 IR).


      Is there anywhere I can tell NPrinting which version of Qlikview to use as the connection source?