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    How to apply colors in dynamically in expr level?



      can any one correct this?


      IF((IF(Count({<Temp={'Critical','Hot'},[T1 >= 48hrs (Start Work  ~ OnWatch)]={'1'},[Type 1 Count]={'1'}>}Ticket)>0,

      Count({<Temp={'Critical','Hot'},[T1 >= 48hrs (Start Work  ~ OnWatch)]={'1'},[Type 1 Count]={'1'}>}Ticket),'')



      /IF(Count({<Temp={'Critical','Hot'},[Type 1 Count]={'1'}>}Ticket)>0,

      Count({<Temp={'Critical','Hot'},[Type 1 Count]={'1'}>}Ticket),'')*100)<3,Green(),Red())


      Its showing blue color, i guess its showing wrong. How to achieve it?