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    What's the problem with my nprinting report?

    zhen pan


      I am new to the nprinting.


      Here is what I am trying to do.  I am trying to mimic the How to Make Reports Selectable with NPrinting On-Demand

      in my nprinting designer.


      In Qlikview, I have extensions: 'NP Queue' and 'NP Report' configured similar to the document above. I also had my NSQ file created with one powerpoint report and one pixelPerfect report.


      When I hit "preview powerpointreport" button, the "report queue" became red. (I set the failure color=red())


      My question is how do I know where the problem is? Why is it not 'Preview'  the report?


      Thank you for your suggestions!

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          Mike Czerwonky

          So many possibilities.  Here are a couple things to try right away.


          • If it goes red immediately, you are likely not connecting to your data file.  This can be caused by something as simple as you typing the name of the source file correctly (exact syntax is needed) in your on-demand setup.
          • The server needs to have its own licensed version of Qlikview Desktop
          • You need to be logged into the Nprinting server with a user name and password that can access the QV Desktop.


          Here is a link to setting up On-Demand


          QlikView NPrinting 16 Tutorials - On-Demand

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              zhen pan

              Hi Mike

              Thanks for your reply.


              I am investigating first item you mentioned

              it is interesting that the nsq is in the directory

              C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\NPrinting\Template\abc.nsq, however, when I copied to Qlik, it showed me

              C:\Users\Public\Documents\NPrinting\Template\abc.nsq. I even copied to my desktop, the red color kept showing


              Can you elaborate what the 3rd item mean?

              Does that mean my user name has to be part of the users group in the nprinting server and be able to access to the server QV desktop?



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                  Mike Czerwonky

                  I don't think that you want to use C:\ for a source as your local computer will have a C:\ drive too.  We use D:\ as our mapped drive.


                  Your Nprinting Server Service Account needs to be able to find your QV app on the server.   For example, if you login with an admin user name and password and install QV, that is the user name that will be able to open it.  The user name and password you have designated to your Nprinting Service Account needs to be able to access your QV app.


                  The entire setup process is explained in the tutorials I included in the last post.