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    Condition based on Client Type

    Aaron Zod


      The client I'm designing for has decided to not use collaboration over the web. Because of this, the only people who can make design changes are those that connect directly to the file from the Qlikview Desktop client.

      What I'd like to do is hide a particular sheet (the sandbox sheet for designers to experiment in) if a user comes in over the web. Is there any way to test for whether or not a user is coming in through the web via Qlikview server or through Qlikview desktop by opening the file directly?

      Thanks in advance for any guidance!

        • Condition based on Client Type
          Neil Miller

          Are your developers opening the file directly on their desktops? Or are they using the server?

          If they open the files directly, you should be able to use ComputerName(). When opened in the Access Point, ComputerName() returns the name of the server. If your developers remote into the server and develop there, that won't help.

            • Condition based on Client Type
              Aaron Zod

              Excellent idea!

              I believe they're sitting on their own laptops and opening fileshares, in which case it seems like this approach would work very well.

              I tried it out and my tab is hidden. We'll see if the users complain, but for now everything is working as intended.