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    Qlik Sense Deployment with Webserver only in DMZ or entire server? Set up compared to QlikView

    Ali Ahmad



      I have a situation where  a client want remote users to access Qlik Sense access point. Originally we were going to install Qlik Sense on the intranet and have them use a VPN connection to get connected and from there access the access point, but now we are also considerig using a combination of intranet / DMZ.


      Should I either put:


      • Entire Qlik Sense solution in the DMZ.
      • Only the web server in the DMZ.


      I have a decent knowledge of how it could work in QV, but am trying to understand how it would work for Qlik Sense.


      1) What is the "best practice" for this kind of situation?

      2) If I install the Webserver on the DMZ and QVS and the rest on the intranet - how do they talk? Is the autentication done on the webserver (Which I believe it is in QV) or are there any differences here?

      3) If we put the entire Qlik Sense solution on the DMZ, can it still authenticate with AD? Or is that only of the computer on the DMZ is a member of AD?


      Any documentation on this would be much appreciated.