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    Email Warning while distributing

    Fabian Otte

      Hi everyone,


      I have a Qlikview-Server running with plenty of tasks in it. Whenever a task is finished I receive a mail.

      A few days ago I created a couple of new tasks.

      To keep all the distributions and other task settings, I simply copied a task, added it to the new document and renamed it.

      The tasks work fine and are correctly distributed to the users, but the mails are not sent. I get the following warnings:


      (2016-04-06 15:06:17) Warning: No mailaddress found. Recipient=

      (2016-04-06 15:06:17) Warning: Distribution reported warnings for resource "TaskName_RTLRDT_QVS_1" (QlikViewServerDistributionResource). Warnings=1

      (2016-04-06 15:06:17) Warning: Distribution to resources reported warnings. Warnings: 2

      The tasks I copied from are sending out mails without any problems. Is it possible, that the mailing problem is a side effect of the copying?

      Thanks in advance for your help