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    Rest Connector looping



      I am trying to connect Qlik sense to an API but there are few scenarios I am facing:

      1. 200 records can be fetch in one hit to the API.

      2. there is more than thosand records I need to fetch.

      3. I can specify that 1 to 200 or 200 to 400 in the parameter field once in a time .


      First Question:

      In my understanding i need to make multiple connection and pass parameter like

      1st connection :1 to 200

        2nd Connection: 201 to 400


      .and then make QVD of that connection hit and in last concatenate the all qvd files.


      If i am wrong can someone tell me how to make a connection which hit in looping.

      Second when i am creating multiple connection in multiple tab and run the script to then second statement of making qvd it is giving me error of file not found but if i run these connection script and make qvd one by one it is executing well


      Please take this on priority basis