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    Can't set up Qlik Sense domain

    Sarah Lamb

      We are trying to set up our own domain of reporting.domain.com on qmc. From reading some information on the board, we think that we need to create a new node with Name and Host Name as reporting.domain.com and we have set all of the and set the Repository, Proxy, Engine and Scheduler all checked.


      When we save we get the following error ..


      "Cannot reach the following remote host when distributing certificates: http://reporting.domain.com:4444/setup/CertificateDistribution"


      Also, when the node creates only the repository service runs, the other three are stopped and will not start.


      Qlik is running on a local server and isn't accessible publically so reporting.domain.com (not the actual domain) is only setup on the local DNS.  We've also checked that port 4444 isn't being blocked by the Firewall.


      Can anyone help us with this error please?


      Any and all responses much appreciated, thank you.