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    Alter Selection - Customize Search

    Ant�nio Vilares

      I’ve the DaysName defined in Load Script in following way:

      SET DayNames            ='M;T;W;Tu;F;S;S';

      (This was a requirement of my client)


      In my Dim_Calendar I’ve column that represents the Week Days (W_Day)

      Now I have 5 buttons:

      • Monday
        • Alter Selection -> W_Day = ‘M’
      • Thursday
        • Alter Selection -> W_Day = ‘T’
      • Wednesday
        • Alter Selection -> W_Day = ‘W’
      • Tuesday
        • Alter Selection -> W_Day = ‘T’
      • Friday
        • Alter Selection -> W_Day = ‘F’

      The action are ‘Alter Selection’ because I want it to be possible to select all days at same time.


      When I select the button “Thursday” or “Tuesday” it select both values ‘T’ and don’t how can I solve this…

      Can anyone help me?


      Many thanks!!!