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    Always one selected Value Problem after reloading on Server



      following problem, I build an local application with two Alterante States (From and to) for a calender which should locate the data.

      This is the trigger function which exceuted "By Any Selection" :


      ='>=' & Date(rangemin(min({Von} Dateonly),max({Bis} Dateonly))) & '<=' & Date(rangemax(max({Bis} Dateonly),min({Von} Dateonly)))


      I have 3 listboxes (Year, Month, Day) for From and 3 listboxes (Year, Month, Day) for To. Every listbox has the status "Always on selected Value" on my local version everything works fine. But when I put these app on the server and make a reload one from the 6 listbox is not able the set "Always one slected value".


      Why? is it a qlikview bug or has anybody a idea what i can do to solve that problem...


      Thank you