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    Error in QVW - SE_LOG: Expression Error. Doc: QVW NAME ObjectId: , Expr(0)

    Fabian Lepie


      everytime i open an Special qvw i got the following message in Windows Eventlog

      Event ID: 300

      SE_LOG: Expression Error. Doc: QVWNAME.QVW, ObjectId: , Expr(0)


      The QVW works fine and there are no Problems. But there is the eventlog entry. How can i check where the error occurs? There is no ObjectId specified in eventlog entry. So i assume a General error in formula list or variable list. Or perhaps in properties of a sheet. I checked all Sheets and the variable list. But there is no highlighted error.

      Did anybody know how i can check if a qvw contains General Errors?


      Thanks for your help!




      We use QV 11.2 SR 12