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    Working with 2 periods in QlikSense

    omar bensalem

      Hi all,


      I want to work with 2 periods in Qlik Sense but I can't figure out a way to do it;


      here's what I've done with QlikView:


      I have 4 variables for my 2 periods (vDateFrom1, vDateTo1, vDateFrom2, vDateFrom2)




      example of the expression:

      Sum({<[Calendar date]={'>=$(=Date($(vDateFrom1)))<=$(=Date($(vDateTo1)))'}>}Montant_Vente)



      Now, I want to do the same thing in QlikSense; How can I ?


      I've tried to use 2 extensions I've found,


      DateRangePicker and input variables:


      with the input variables, I found out that it only can be text or number format !


      With the Date Range Picker here's what I did:




      I've chosen periode 1: last 7 days / periode 2 : last 30 days

      the result is right, but what's appearing in the periods is so wrong (01/04/2016- 04/04/2016 !!


      Is there another way to handle this??