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    Qlik Sense executables and .ini

    arnaldo caivano



      my Organization adopted recently stricter IT security rules: all executable's resulting from an installation should be checked and inserted in a white list of approved files, in alternative executable's files are allowed only in dedicated directories. Otherwise the  Windows AppLocker blocks the execution.


      Qlik sense desktop 2.2.3 stopped working with the new rules.


      When the IT department tried to enable it, it resulted that QlikSense.exe is a container of many other exe files, extracted runtime and executed under OSDRIVE%\USERS\%USERNAME%\APPDATA\LOCAL\TEMP\1\.... and corresponding to the different functionalities of the application


      1) Would it be possible to list all the .exe generated runtime by Qlik Sense?

      2) Would it be possible to force another directory of execution?

      (with the 2 files QlikSenseBrowser.ini and Settings.ini it seems partially possible)

      3) ..had anybody to deal with similar problems?


      thanks a lot