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    Include Connection File and Relative Folder Paths in Sense

    Ann Weiner

      I have a set of Qlik Sense apps that I want to deploy against different databases. In Qlikview, I create a folder for each client, which includes a connection file that contains the database connection string. My master model file reads the connection file using Include. I also use relative paths for saving and reading qvd files and any other client specific files.


      For example in Qlikview, I create a connection file called DBConnection.txt. In each client folder, the file contains the connection information for that client. When I deploy changes across clients, I deploy the qvw that includes the DBconnection.txt file. When referencing files (qvd, text files, and other qvw files), I use relative path specifications. This makes it easy to deploy documents without having to edit the load script.

      In qlik sense, I do not see a way to do either of these (include a generic connection file and referencing relative folders). All of the file connections contain specific folder names. For example, I can set up a DB Connection file with the connection information, but I still need to edit the script to specify the folder where the connection file is located.


      Is there a way to do this in Sense?

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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          You can create a folder connection to a common root folder and use relative paths from that folder. Perhaps you can leverage the Qlik Deployment Framework to make things easier.

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              Ann Weiner

              The relative folder location is not the biggest of the issues. Let me explain further:


              In Qlikview, the location of the qvw is the default folder location. If I were place all files used by the document into the same folder, I can easily move the contents of the folder from one location to another, without having to edit any of the contents. If there were a subfolder structure under qvw's root folder, that would be handled by relative folder notation. 


              Also, in qlikview, I can use the include statement to include the contents of a file, in which I include the database connection string.


              I want to know if there is a way to include a file in script that does not have a hard coded data connection? Or some other work around that achieves the same thing?


              I am not sure that the deployment console will work because all of the movement between streams is on the same node.