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    Hardware Benchmark Test (Problem with document URL)

    Ronny Wroblewski

      Dear community


      I have a question regarding QV Hardware Benchmark (Server) test.


      Load client and server are set up like described in the pdf (v3.1).

      My problem is that I just receive a  "Non HTTP response message: Network is unreachable" error message.

      Ping test is not successful but I can enter server by remote access.


      at the moment used document url is like:



      If I set Authentication -> Clients: Always anonymous

      I can log in via Access Point with load client but when I select the QVW I receive an error message that no USAGE CAL is available.


      If I set Authentication -> Clients: Prohibited anonymous

      I can not log in to Access Point with my credentials.

      The Clients access the QVWs by a login webpage (Session CALs) and not via Access Point. There are no Named CALs set on the server.

      I hope someone can help me to understand this issue an get the benchmark test working.

      Best regards