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    Character's limit to write the Expresssion in Qliksense

    abhay singh

      Hi Guys,


      I am facing few new challenge in Qliksense while writing the Expressions in Qliksense

      1= I am not able to write the lengthy expression, reason facing the Character limit issue. After one limit not able to write the expressions.


      2= Variables not working properly


      a = Recent issue is , i have one condition ,

      if( sum(Value) >  ( stock-  ( $(Variable1) - $(Variable2) ),1,0)

           this simple logic is not working, Reason i seen in this is  ($(Variable1) - $(Variable2) returning me Null.


      Example2 = $(Stock)- ($(D1)  + $(D2)  + $(D3)  ) = output = null or invalid

      $(Stock)- $(D1)  - $(D2)  - $(D3)   = output = Getting proper output, But according to me both condition should work.



      SET vTest = 1+2;

      If I use $(vTest) it will return 3.

      But if I use ($(vTest)) it will return Null.


      Pls suggest.. Any input on this will be appreaciated