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    About Ajax Zero foot print Client in Qv Server 8.50.6261.0409.10

    Sunil Panda

      Dear All,

      I am using Qlikview Management Console Version 8.50.6261.0409.10.

      I am trying to view the Dashboards in Ajax ZFC in Mozila Firefox .but it is showing an error that

      "FireFox Doesn't know how to open this address because this protocal(qvp) doesn't associate with any program. "

      my protocal is qvp.

      I installed IE plugin to view the dashboardsthrough 'IE Plugin' through Internet Explorer.

      But i need to View these Dashboards in other browser also like Mozila,opera....

      PLease any one help me out to solve this problem...


      error loading image

      Comments Appreciated