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    Set analysis and the calendar table

    Maxime Dumas



      I have different charts using dates differently. For example, I have some bar charts displaying total values for months, years, quarters, etc. Each of them use a column from the calendar table as a dimension.


      I also have a scatterplot displaying trailing 12 months revenues. The date is filtered using set analysis:

      Sum({<MonthlyFact.SnapshotDate = {"<=$(=max(num(MonthlyFact.SnapshotDate)))"}*{">=$(=num(addyears(max(MonthlyFact.SnapshotDate),-1)))"}>}[AccountMonthly.FirmCurAdvisorRevenue])


      Since the filtering is not done on the same field [MonthlyFact.SnapshotDate] vs calendar table columns, I loose my trailing 12 months selection if I click on a single month. If I replace the calendar columns with SnapshotDate in my bar charts, I can select a date and the trailing starts at that date. This is the expected behavior.


      Is there a way to be able to display months, quarters and years on some charts and still be able to use set analysis?


      Thank you!