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    QV Access Point Issue

    Rizwan Syed


      I am trying to log on to a qvw in my accesspoint. But it is giving me an authentication error.

      I have attached a screenshot.

      Please Note I am able to log into the qvw on access point via the google chrome.


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          Satish Kurra

          Qlik Server is down. Please contact your Admin

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            Peter Cammaert

            There is quite a lot of information missing from your post. This can be caused for any reason of a multitude of possible ones.


            You say "log on to...".

            1. Do you actually need to enter a username and password to access that particular document?
            2. Do you get a login prompt from Google Chrome, but you do not get one from the other browser that you use to get access?
            3. Do you use AD to authenticate users?
            4. Are you in the same domain as the QlikView server is in, and the user you are logged in with in Windows has a valid license and Section Access entry in the document? Or are you trying to get access with a different user ID than the one you are logged in with?
            5. ...