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    Qlik Sense API



      We are conducting a POC of qlik sense. I wanted to understand about using the API's.

      At the moment I can say that we would need to use the API's to trigger reloads, have an app pre-loaded into memory and embed analytics into our websites.

      Is it possible to use api's for java or scala, or it is best to have Visual Studio and .NET SDK? We mainly use open source frameworks in the organization.






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          Alexander Karlsson



          So let's break it down into the two different scenarios.


          1. Reloading Applications
          The management of the platform, user access control, provisioning of applications and data reload are done through what the refer to as the Qlik Repository Service API. This is a REST based api so any programming language that is able to execute HTTP requests and parse JSON will be able to integrate with it.


          2. Embedding Analytics

          Embedding Qlik Sense charts into other systems is done through the client, either in a web browser or in a web control or some sort. Since this integration happens client side and in the context of a browser we provide javascript apis to embed charts and analytic objects into your system. So you can still serve up your application using Java or Scala but the actual client side integration happens in the browser so the domain language would be Javascript.


          These Javascript APIs are refered to as Capabilities API in the documentation.


          3. (which you didn't ask for ) Communicating with the Qlik Engine
          If you do not wish to leverage any Qliks visual components but instead leverage our on-demand, in-memory calculation engine you would leverage the Engine API. The Engine API is a protocol that defines how the communication between clients and the Engine should take place. So as long as your programming language supports WebSockets and JSON then you can initiate communication with the Qlik Engine, if you want to perform batch, server-side tasks or building your own client.



          I hope that made things a little bit easier to understand

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            Øystein Kolsrud

            If you're looking into building a function for preloading apps to memory, you might want to look at the "App preloader" example at the following page:




            There is also a more elaborate version of the example on branch: