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    QlikSense Map custom legends

    Raju raluri

      Hello All,

      First of all Thank you so much for Entire Community  for Providing knowledge base information on Qliksense Development and also answer to my questions. I have question on Qliksense Map Custom Legends. I have created Custom color expression the following code. green means >100% and Yellow means >=90 and <=99 and <=89 is red,

      here my custom color code as follows.

      if((XXXI)>=100, rgb(28,230,34),

      if ((XXXI)>=90 and (XXX)<=99,yellow(),

      if (XXX)<=89,rgb(230,28,65)


      color expression is correct and it showing correctly on map. only thing I am looking is I want able to display legends as Green is xxx 100

      Yellow is < 99 and Red is <89

      Appreciate your help.



        • Re: QlikSense Map custom legends
          Sangram Reddy

          Hi Raju,


          A legend does not show up when you use a colour expression.

          There are 2 work arounds:

          1) You can create an image and use it in your app as a text object with background image. but this legend will not be interactive.


          2) Build an extension to make use of the same colour expression and have $("#id").click() functionality to these legend items. I would recommend you to use this.