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    Custom directory groups get lost

    Michael Klix

      Hi everybody,

      we have an Enterprise Server running and increasingly find out that groups from the custom directory get lost.


      Usually we realize this only, when users complain that they do not have access to a qvw any more. Investigating the case, it turns out that the qvw is distributed to a group (still configured and visible in the task)   that does not exist. Older backups from the CustomDirectoryData.XML file show that this group indeed did exist and included the user who complained.


      This happened about 5-10 times during the last 6 months. and we solve it by redoing the lost group.


      Did anyone have the same issue with the custom directory?


      Here our system info for reference. This is the server for the QEMC and webserver only, not the application server.


      Product Information
      Product nameQMS Backend Core x64
      Client Build Number11.20.12664.0
      Target Platformx64
      Publisher License Keyxxxxxxx
      Number of Distribution Services Allowed1
      PDF Distribution AllowedYes
      Service authenticationAD groups
      Machine Information
      Computer Namexxxxxxx
      Operating System VersionWin32_OperatingSystem=@ X64 (Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1)
      .NET Version4.0.30319.1026
      Physical Memory4095Mb
      Available Memory2915Mb
      CPU Information
      CPU 0Quad-Core AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 8360 SE


      Product Information

      Product nameQlikView Directory Service Connector x64
      Client Build Number11.20.12664.0
      Target Platformx64


      Hope someone can share experience.


      Keep Qliking


        • Re: Custom directory groups get lost
          Marcus Sommer

          Hi Michael,


          I use usergroups within the custom directory since several years and have never had any issue with them and I have never noticed similar topics here in the community. Maybe bbt could give some hints.


          - Marcus

          • Re: Custom directory groups get lost
            Ian Spinks

            I have observed this problem in version 11.20.12860.0

            Here is what I think is happening.

            When you open the management Console I believe it is caching a version of this file.


            This file holds all custom users and groups.


            The problem arrises when you have multiple administrators.

            When they open the management console and add users.

            Then they are updating a cached version of this file(CustomDirectoryData) which may have been updated by another administrator.


            As a workaround, I ensure that I kill all IE sessions on my server before I add users. Ive not seen the problem since.