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    Facts vs Budget - Budget not available in Future

      Hello experts,

      I’ve got facts data (sales) and budget data.


      The facts (sales) of 2015 are available from January untill December.

      The facts (sales) of 2016 are available from January untill the current month, which is April.

      The budget data is available for 2016 from January untill December.






      The requirement:

      The customer wants to see the sales 2015, sales 2016 and budget 2016 in the same table.

      My issue is, that I cannot view the budget data of 2016 in the table, which lays in future – after April (red).




      It is because of the link between the facts & budget data. I just cannot figure it out how to solve this issue.

      I want to see ALL BUDGET data of 2016 ...


      All relevant files, to play with, are attached.

      Does anyone have any idea for this “standard” requirement?