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    QlikSense2.2 Extension How to pass parameter to html layout

      hi Guys,

      Since ANjularjs Introduction, i am having some trouble in passing Parameters to The Html Template.


      var txtTop = {
      ref: "propstxtTop",
      label: "Top",
      type: "string",
          defaultValue: "350"

      Now i want to use use that Value into the template found in template.ng.html

      Currently i have this which is working fine

      <div qv-extension>

          <b ng-bind="myTitle" />



          <table border="1">



                  <th ng-repeat="dim in layout.qHyperCube.qDimensionInfo" ng-bind="dim.qFallbackTitle" />

                  <th ng-repeat="mea in layout.qHyperCube.qMeasureInfo" ng-bind="mea.qFallbackTitle" />




              <tr ng-repeat="row in layout.qHyperCube.qDataPages[0].qMatrix">

                  <td ng-repeat="col in row">








      BUT WHEN I WANT TO ACCESS THE DATA IN MY propstxtTop.. i cant..



      Any one can help me ??