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    Section access with row level autorisation problem



      I have created an application with access control based on a column called COMPANYNUMBER. The same column is present in the data model.

      The section access table used has 1500 for 1 particular user and an asterix (*) for all other users.

      Logging in as the particular user I only see the data for COMPANYNUMBER 1500 as expected. If I log in as another user I also only the data for that one company.

      Any suggestions what I did wrong?

      Thanks, Paul.

        • Section access with row level autorisation problem
          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce

          Hello Paul,

          I came up recently with this. In Section Access, "*" doesn't mean "all possible values in field COMPANYNUMBER" but "all listed values in your section access under COMPANYNUMBER field". Even if the user has admin access won't see anything.

          What you can do is create one entry for each possible value is has granted, or some dummy records in the section access which contain all possible values, taking into account that you can only set one value per record per user, meaning that if one user has access to two different companies, he will need two different entries in section access.

          Apart from this, make sure you have


          "STAR IS *;"

          before the user records, so the * is read as "all listed values".

          Hope that helps!