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    tabs are splitting over to the next line (row)

    Adi Cernea




      I am working on upgrading QlikView from ver 8.5 to 9.0 SP5 and when testing the AJAX zero footprint client we have noticed that the tabs along the top (in the tabrow) spill over to the next line sometimes and the tab color doesn't carry over so it looks sort of confusing. I the first example below, tab names in question are "Path Report" and "Patient satisfaction. This is not happening when using the IE plug-in or Java. We would prefer to use AJAX.

      error loading image




      When I try to readjust the size of IE/FireFox window the result is the same, albeit with different tabs. Tab names in the example below should read "% Needle Biopsy" and "Five Year survival"


      error loading image


      When I am Opening the tabrow properties the only thing I can customize is the font, nothing else. Is there a value I can set to prevent this behavior?




      Aurel Cernea

      BI Systems Administrator

      Allina Hospitals and Clinics



        • tabs are splitting over to the next line (row)
          Oleg Troyansky

          I don't think you can easily prevent this from happening... You can try a few work arounds:

          - shorten some of the tab names, if possible

          - Group Tabs into some logical "bundles" and show/hide those bundles based on user choice - for example, a number of tabs under the group "Reports", another number of tabs under the group "KPIs etc...

          - hide the tabrow altogether and replace it with your own navigation tools, using ver. 9.00 Actions. With Actions, it's quite easy to develop custom buttons that could serve as a prettier alternative to the standard Tabs.