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    How to Migrate QlikView/ Sense Lincenses from Azure to AWS

      We are planning to migrate our QlikView and Sense environments from Azure to AWS. My question is, after building our AWS environments, how should we migrate Licenses? without disturbing the existing environments. Currently we don't have a sand box environment to do required testing in AWS.  I am planning to install the Qlik Sense in AWS dev environment and then stop all the Qlik View/Sense Services in Azure environment and then copy the existing license to AWS and configure the QMC. After configuring the QMC, then stop all the services in AWS and start back the services on Azure. This way,our development team can continue their development efforts the next day they come in.  I want to make sure everything is working as expected in AWS, before we finally migrate all the apps. Are there any other options to get this thing done?





      Any help is highly appreciated!!