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    looking for change in expression

    naveen kumar


      my requiremnt is to show % of each decision filed value of same supplier ,to achieve this in a bar chart

        i took dimension: 1)name1        //(supplier name filed)

                                  2)decision    //(accepted,rejected,exception)


      and expression i wrote is:



      count({$<YEAR= , Quarter=, ENSTEHDAT={">=$(vFromdate)<=$(vTodate)"}>} PRUEFLOS)

      /count({$<YEAR=,Quarter=, ENSTEHDAT={">=$(vFromdate)<=$(vTodate)"}>} Total <name1> PRUEFLOS)

      so problem is  while i am showing all the supplier i am getting different valuesscreen1.png

      but if i choose one supplier then i am able to get  what i am looking


      this is what i am looking ,so i think i need to do a changes in my expression ,any one suggest me what changes should i need to do plz