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    Java and Ajaxfiles not linking to the original QVW File.

    Sunil Panda

      HI all,

      i am using Qlikview Server 8.5. In the server machine i have created a folder named 'Ajax and Java' where generated Ajax and java file are present.

      Now in the server machine ,in the IIS i have created a Virtual Directory. Here i have given the path of the folder 'Ajax and Java' .

      At this time when i want to view those 'Ajax and java' files through Browser. i can only see the sheet names coming in view.but all the objects present in the application is not showing...

      There maynot be the linking between the 'Ajax' , 'Java' application with original QVW application...


      Can any one tell me how to resolve this Problem.. and what are the settings need to be taken to view the entire application not just the sheet names..


      Comments Appreciated