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    QlikView Memory Utilisation

    Sheron Fernando

      Hi All,


      We recently embarked on a project to MOVE our BI Application to a new Data Centre. Internally within our company there are some discussions going on about how much memory must be allocated to the new platform. Any ideas on the best Memory Allocation based on below, would be very helpful.


      Old Platform

      In the old platform we were using QlikView 10.0

      There was no QlikView Publisher

      Only one server was used

      This was a physical blade server

      Collective QVD size is ~150GB

      Collective QVW size is 3GB

      Memory utilization is average 80GB (Total allocated is 132GB)



      New Platform

      In the new platform we use QlikView 11.20

      We are also using QlikView Publisher

      Two servers. One to host QVS and QVWS and the other to host Publisher.

      We are using Virtual Machines


      If any more information is needed I'm happy to provide.


      Many thanks in advance.